Kevin Mitchell

Kevin – as a notary with his official seat in Berlin – offers the whole range of notarial services in the areas of corporate law, real estate law, inheritance law and family law – in German and English.

areas of expertise as a notary
(official seat in Berlin)

corporate law
(e.g., incorporation of companies/entities, financing rounds/capital increases, restructuring, mergers etc., liquidations, corporate housekeeping; applications to all kinds of registers)
inheritance law
(e.g., wills, inheritance contracts, conveyance contracts, certificate of heirship)
family law
(e.g., marriage contracts, agreements on the consequences of divorce, bestowals)
real estate
(e.g., real estate purchase agreements, property development contracts, declarations of division, notarisation of land charges)
certification of signatures (incl. obtaining an apostille/legalisation) as well as certification of documents